Bay Area Family Photography
A gorgeous outdoor Bay Area family photography session

Prior to booking a Bay Area family photography photoshoot, I often get questions like this one:

“Technological advances make it easy to take photos with and edit those photos. Why should someone pay a premium to get professional photos done?”

Family Photography in the Bay Area
Another beautiful family during their outdoor photoshoot

This is a valid question and there are definitely a lot of options for doing your own maternity, newborn, or family portraits. With that said, here are a few reasons why entrusting these memories to a professional is important:

1) As a Bay Area professional family photographer, I have more than 10 years experience in the field. I have all the best equipment, lighting, wardrobe, and props in a climate controlled studio. These available tools make it easy for you. All your family has to do is show up and have their photos taken.
2) Statistically speaking, children who grow up in homes where their family portraits are prominently displayed tend to have higher self esteem. When kids see themselves as part of a family unit, it helps them know that they are important.
3) Professional family photos give you the opportunity to document your family legacy. There’s a reason why the first thing that most people think to save when there is a house fire includes the family photos. It’s because preserving these memories is important!
4) Creating lasting memories with your family is fun! During our sessions, we have lots of fun and I do my best to make everyone in your family feel valued and beautiful. Family photoshoots are an invaluable bonding experience.
5) All family members are present in the photo. When taking photos on your own, many times the person taking the photo cannot be in the photo. During your professional shoot with me, you can relax and be present in the portrait.

Limoo photography what to wear family photos newborn session bay area san jose
Limoo photography offers a variety of backdrops, props, and wardrobe options at the studio located in the Bay Area

With all that said, consider your professional family photography session as an opportunity to kick back and relax. This can be a truly memorable and unique experience and one that you will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime! It is my distinct honor and pleasure to be the one to document these special memories for you. Not to mention, my studio is conveniently located in the Bay Area and is easily accessible. 
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