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Behind The Scenes: What Goes Into Your Newborn Baby Pictures

Have you ever wondered what goes into preparing for your professional newborn photoshoot from the photographer’s end? I operate a studio located in the Bay Area and there’s a bit more effort that goes into producing cute newborn baby pictures than some may realize. I do a lot of sharing of my process on my Instagram stories but thought I’d give a little insight here into what it is like to get my artistic space ready for your special appointment with me.

Fine art newborn baby pictures courtesy of Limoo Photography
A sweet newborn baby picture from my studio

In a previous post here on my blog, I go into a bit of detail regarding how I sanitize my studio to accommodate taking newborn baby pictures and keep it COVID-safe. My utmost priority is keeping your precious little bundle comfortable and safe. Therefore, I extensively sanitize everything-from my equipment, to my props, and the wardrobe pieces that my clients use.

This happens before I can even set up the studio for optimal picture taking. After everything is clean and sanitary, I begin setting up the props for the shoot. Some of the props that I use for taking professional newborn baby pictures include: cute little baskets and wraps that help for comfort and positioning. My studio is also equipped with cozy rugs, blankets and throws. I have a few other areas that require set up in order to maximize posing options.

After I have thoroughly prepared the stage for your baby’s big photoshoot, I carefully select some wardrobe items that might seem suitable based on my initial consultation with you. These are fun little outfits and accessories from which you can choose to create stunning photos. Newborn baby pictures can only happen during a very short window, so I want to make sure that we get it perfect!

Once the stage is set, it’s time for our little star to get his or her close up! An average session can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on availability, so a lot of things can happen during the shoot. Baby might need comforting and soothing. Or he or she might get hungry. They may even require multiple diaper changes. All in a day’s work though, right?

Cute fine art newborn baby pictures courtesy of Limoo Photography
I have plenty of fun props and backdrops to use to capture cute shots like this one!

After your session at my studio, which is conveniently located in the Bay Area, I have to break down all props, collect all the cloth materials that baby used during their fabulous photo session, and completely sanitize everything. All cloth materials are disinfected meticulously. I wipe down every surface in the studio using disinfecting cleansers. 

Now comes the time for me to take your film back to the office and begin editing. 

But that’s a post for another day.

In fact, that post is coming on Friday when I will share my process of editing newborn photos and what that looks like. So you might just have to come back another day for that!
If you would like to take more of a deep dive into my process, feel free to connect with me through social media. You can do so on Instagram and Facebook! I would love to see you there!

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