Your Professional Newborn Photos: How Editing Can Impact Your Images

An example of before edits and after edits with this sweet newborn baby Hello again and welcome back to my blog. I like to use my blog as a way of connecting with clients and prospects alike. In today’s post, I’d like to touch on how editing can make all the difference when it comes to providing stunning professional newborn photos. I did touch on this briefly in another post and I talk about it frequently on Instagram. But this…

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Outdoor Family Portrait Bay Area

First Post Covid-19 Session

As a Bay Area Maternity Photographer, I have to say, I really missed doing sessions. I couldn’t be happier to ease back into shooting with this beautiful family! My first post Covid-19 session was full of mixed feelings. Nervousness and excitement were the top two. We of course followed precautions such as social distancing (6 feet) and I verbally gave directions on adjusting clothing, hair, and poses, to be as safe as possible. This family was so sweet and so…

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