Newborn Photography SanJose Bay Area

Newborn Photography San Jose – Baby J

Last week we had such an amazing in-home newborn photography session in San Jose for baby J. He was such a rockstar and cooperated so well throughout the whole session.

Newborn Photography with pets

Mom and dad asked if they could have their cat in their newborn pictures. Although I knew getting a cat to obey your commands would be tough I accepted the challenge and I’m so glad I did. ultimately we did have to rely on the power of treats and photoshop but the end result was so worth it!

Prepared well for their in-home newborn session – San Jose

Baby J was such a sweet newborn. He slept through the whole session and only needed to feed once in between his newborn session poses. One of the major reasons for this success was that mom and dad had done a great job following the in-home newborn photo session instructions I had sent them ahead of time. They kept their house warm and cosy and tried to keep baby awake for a few hours before the start of the session. Baby had a full tummy and a new diaper and was ready for a long nap by the time I arrived. If you have questions about booking your own in-home newborn photography session with Limoo, This blog post may answer some of your questions.

Newborn Family Photos – San Jose

We usually always do 2 different family photo poses for every newborn session. Natural light is for one pose and studio light for the other. Some people have empty walls with a nice neutral colour that we use as their backdrop. But we always take a backdrop with us to every newborn session for the family photos in case the walls don’t really work.

We also usually do a few open eye newborn photo shots at the end of every session when baby is awake. Baby J was so sleepy we had to try extra hard to wake him up for this final open eyes shot. That’s why he looks a bit surprised! 😀


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