One of the most frequently asked questions from newborn & baby photographers is: “ is the studio flashlight safe for newborn photography?” As professionally trained newborn photographers we use special baby-friendly equipment which includes our off-camera flashlight. We use the Paul C Buff Einstein Flash Unit With a 86” White PLM Umbrella

newborn baby in a bucket front facing pose studio flash light

The main reason we use the studio flashlight for the babies is for the photos to have that beautiful consistent lighting regardless of the weather or the time of day we do your session.


The studio flashlight that we use for newborn and baby photography is usually placed no closer than 1 meter from the baby. The light flashes towards the opposite side of the baby and hits the white umbrella. It then bounces back towards the baby passing through a light softening fabric called the diffuser for a second time. The diffuser softens the light and gives the photos a great look while keeping the babies’ harm free of the. Furthermore, the flashlights come with dimmer control for us to either increase or decrease the light. We usually use the lowest power and never set it high enough where it may be uncomfortable for the baby.

stand in baby in a bucket front facing pose studio flash light diagram

When it comes to positioning the light, we angle it down on the right or left side of our setup where the baby is posed. Therefore the studio flash never hits the baby’s face or eyes directly. Quite frankly, the photos won’t even turn out great if you point the light directly in their face anyway!

stand in baby in a bucket front facing pose studio flash light

We also have a beautiful natural light studio for any baby with certain health restrictions. We are here to create long-lasting photos and we do our very best to do it safely.  

Baby and child photography with flash light

One of the most common questions asked by baby photographers is whether flash light is harmful for babies or children.

اIf you are a photographer of babies or children, it is better to use tools and equipment that are designed for this purposeBaby and newborn photography is safe.

newborn baby wrapped in lying on back pose in bamboo bed studio flash light

You can use various lights that are available in the market. Its brand can be different depending on your purchasing power and preference, but the most important factor that distinguishes your light for baby and baby photography is the umbrella box that you install on it.

The best umbrella for photographing a baby or a child is an umbrella that is installed upside down on your light and actually shines the light towards the photo of the subject and hits the umbrella and spreads its reflection on your subject.

stand in baby in a bucket front facing pose studio flash light diagram

This means that your light is completely indirect and finally shines towards the baby by passing through several layers of diffusers.

This type of lighting is not only suitable for taking pictures of babies and children in terms of security, but also gives a very soft and beautiful light to your photos.

stand in baby in a bucket front facing pose studio flash light

Second, to achieve the most beautiful light, we usually place the light on the right or left side of the subject, not facing it. This will prevent direct light from hitting the baby’s eyes. The light from the front makes the photo flat and dimensionless, if the light is placed on the left or right side and makes one side of the subject brighter than the other side, the photo will have a dimension and a very beautiful light.

Studio Flash Light Newborn

If you have a baby or a child who needs special care for any reason or on the advice of a doctor, you can use natural light for photography.