How Important is COVID Safety As a Newborn Photographer

How Important is COVID Safety As a Newborn Photographer

As an established Bay Area newborn photography expert, the safety of my clients is at the top of the list, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been experiencing here for the last year. Like many newborn and maternity photographers in the area, I had to adjust extensively to the changes that the coming of this pandemic brought with it. I like to share this information so that my clients and prospects understand fully what goes into preparing my studio for safety. I frequently discuss this on my Instagram page, so feel free to follow me there too for more information on this.

But for those who are here reading my blog, here is a quick overview of the changes that I made to my business model. I did these things because I take the importance of safety seriously whenever engaging with my client base.

Other than wearing a mask during your session and asking you to wear your mask at all times except for when we are taking photos of you, one of the first things that I did was invest in what I’ve dubbed my “COVID station”. When you show up for a newborn, maternity, or family photoshoot, meet me at my sanitation station. Here is where I have hand sanitizer available right away. I also have a UV sanitation box where we put all your personal belongings for disinfecting. Finally, my entire studio is outfitted with a UV air purifier. These help remove airborne pathogens and microorganisms such as mold, bacteria, and viruses.

My process for booking newborn, maternity, or family photography sessions has also changed as well. The most significant change for me is in how I book appointments with clients. Prior to quarantine back in 2020, I was able to book 2-3 shoots per day but that is no longer a reality. In order to respect the safety of you and any family members who are participating in your studio session, I keep my appointments to one per 24 hour period and undergo an extensive sanitizing process of all my equipment, props, and wardrobe items that get used during the shoot after the session.

Maternity Green Dress
A gorgeous maternity photoshoot client

As you might imagine, adjusting to accommodate newborn photography sessions in the post-COVID world has distinctly impacted the way that I do what I do. The same goes for maternity photography as well. But ultimately, what matters most to me is that I still get to do the things that I love the most; which is getting your lovely family in front of my lens. It is a gratifying experience for me to play a part in these intimate moments with newborns, pregnant moms, kids, and families.

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