Quantity Vs Quality: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Child Portrait Photography?

If you’re searching for professional child portrait photography in the Bay Area, you’re definitely in the right place! Throughout my time operating locally, I’ve been lucky to photograph several newborns, children, and their families. With over ten years of professional experience, I bring a lot of expertise and a unique artistic touch to the film that I take and edit.
Of course, advances in modern technology have made my industry extensively different than it once was. The fact that most everything is digital these days. This sometimes causes some prospects to undervalue the amount of work that goes into creating outstanding portraits. Sure, technological advances have changed the way that I do business. However, I still work really hard to provide you with the highest quality fine art photography for a significant value.

Child and Baby Portrait Photography
A cute little one year old cake smash session

I often encounter the question of quantity versus quality in my line of work. This is most common with regard to the amount of high quality digital images that I deliver to clients. Most of my basic packages include 15 high quality, professional retouched images, with the exception of professional headshots and portraiture. Additionally, clients get 1-2 hours of shooting time and black and white addition on all selected photos. I also offer discounts if you choose to bundle packages together. I discuss the entire process involved in prepping for your photoshoot all the way through the editing process in other posts here, so be sure to check those posts out to get a better understanding of my process from start to finish.

baby Photography San Jose Bay Area

Based on my experience in this industry, I offer a lot of value for what I provide in return. And I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Getting to be part of some of the most joyous moments in people’s lives is extremely gratifying. I believe that the joy that I derive from taking cute newborn baby pictures as well as pregnant women, children, and families translates in the quality of the work that I deliver. The proof is really in the pudding though, isn’t it? With a running track record of five star reviews from my clients, I suppose the work speaks for itself.

Sunflower Family Photo Session
A photo from a precious outdoor child portrait photography session

Are you located in the Bay Area and interested in setting up a photoshoot for your newborn, baby, child, or family? Perhaps you are a pregnant mom who needs some stunning maternity photos? You can begin the process of booking here. Also, feel free to check me out on Instagram and Facebook to experience a broad scope of my work.

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